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Transmission Testing & Inspection in Marysville, Washington

Ed's Transmissions in Marysville, Washington, provides transmission testing and inspection on every single component. Our highly trained auto repair technicians never miss a beat when it comes to detailed inspections.

Inspection & Testing

Every part of the transmission is scrutinized by our trained technicians. Cases are inspected for distortion, cracks, and bad threads. Cases are also checked for flatness at valve body mating surfaces to prevent cross leaks.
Hard parts, such as planetaries, pumps, gears, and shafts are individually checked for spline damage, correct tolerances, excessive clearances, stress fractures, and any unusual wear. Electrical components, such as solenoids, force motors, switches, and wiring, common in today's computer controlled transmissions, are also tested with special tools. Test boxes check solenoids and switches for proper operation under pressure while cycled with appropriate voltage.
Car Repair - Transmission Service in Marysville, WA
All internal parts are removed and inspected for wear, scoring, and distortion, and replaced if not within specifications. Casting is checked to ensure no distortion, and resurfaced for flatness. Valves and springs are checked for tensions. Applications are tested on the Answermatic® valve body test unit before assembly for a smooth trouble-free operation.

Dynamometer Testing

When testing is complete, you receive a report on all work. This verifies your transmission has passed extensive quality control procedures. Once the unit is complete, it is subjected to rigorous testing, to include:
Transmission - Transmission Service in Marysville, WA
Dynamometer Testing - Transmission Service in Marysville, WA
Clutch Cross Section - Transmission Service in Marysville, WA
  • Pressure Checks All Gears to Check for Leakage
  • Proper Shift Timing & Patterns up & Down
  • Heavy Load Test to Check for Slippage & Noises
  • Park Test & Check for External Leakage
  • Torque Converter Lockup, Cooler Flow, & Stall
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